Bed Wetting And Homoeopathy

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By the age of two and a half, two out of every three children are dry by day and Wet by night. After five years of age only ten percent of children are still wet by night, but this condition may continue until the age of 15 in 2 % of cases. Enuresis (bed wetting) is of 2 types; it is found in children who have never been dry and those who have been and then start wetting the bed again. Nervous control of the bladder in childhood is variable and there may be no specific abnormally other than delayed control, often the difficulty occurs if the parents react with punishment and the child becomes frightened and / or guilty because he or she has wet the bed. certainly, anxiety and loss of security can make a child wet the bed and it can be a sign of childhood depression.

Another major set of causes are related to bladder infection, bladder control and occasionally kidney disease. All these causes can be eliminated simply by examining the urine. Enuresis or bed wetting can hinder a child’s social development if it discourages him from sleeping at friends’ houses or from going on school trips. The fact that animals use urine to mark their territory shows useful homoeopathic remedies.

There are 2 types of Enuresis / Bed Wetting.
1. Primary:– Means in which the child has never been dry at night.
2. Secondary: –Means is which the child is dry for a period of months or years and then begins to wet the bed.

Below are effective Homeopathic Medicines for this problem.

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